STIMMUNG at Palazzo Altemps

15 October 2022

Date – 15/10/2022

Palazzo Altemps, Rome

Fragmente Ensemble is

Felicita Brusoni, soprano I
Sarah Grace Graves, soprano II
Simona Mastropasqua, alto
Alessandro Tamiozzo, tenore I
Emanuele Gizzi, tenore II
Victor Andrini, basso

Stimmung is one of Stockhausen‘s most famous works. This is the first composition in Western music where the harmonics of the voice are not only written in the score, but are a formally constitutive elements of the entire piece. The piece requires singers to perform rhythmic and melodic “models” adopting one of the frequencies making up the acoustic spectrum of B flat as a fundamental sound. A great chord then, which lasts for the entire duration of the piece, where all the singers – from the bass to the soprano – are “stratified” in a continuous timbre research.

In collaboration with Innesti di Cultura