Rondò 2022 – Sine sole sileo

13 April 2022

Date – 13/04/2022
7:00 pm – 10:30 pm


Fabbrica del Vapore, Sala Donatoni, Lotto 9

Voices: Felicita Brusoni, Danilo Pastore, Paolo Leonardi
Instruments: Divertimento Ensemble
Sound Engineer: Tommaso Gorli

Premiere of projection of Sine sole sileo, radio play for voices and instruments (2021)
by Edoardo Dadone

The piece was written in 2021, when Edoardo Dadone was composer in residence at Rondò.

Sine sole sileo, was born as a radio piece, as a radio musical drama, created thanks to the incredible possibilities offered to contemporary composition by technology. The technology used to compose the piece makes it amazing, and with no possibility to be played live.

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